Keep Moving Forward

CodeZone is an Egyptian company established in October 2010 in the field of software Development. CodeZone has been developing huge ERP systems “ E-Invoice - MYELIN - IZONE - PeopleZone - CRM ” to manage all business processes in all industries using state-of-the-art technologies. Our smart Solutions have been applied to more than 150 customers within 12 years in several industries such as healthcare – Manufacturing - Commercial & Distribution and services Sector which gave the company the trust to be a well-known and reliable company in Egypt in the software industry. .

Why CodeZone Products & Solutions?

Integration Capabilities

Integrate organization Activities

Best Practices

Forces the use of 'Best Practices

Information flow

Facilitate the Information flow


Enable organizational standardization

Business Alignment

Align Your Business

Real-Time Information

Provides On-Line and Real-Time Information


High availability

Decision Making

Decision Support Capabilities

CodeZone Principles

  •   Foster open communications

  •   Work toward a shared vision

  •   Empower team members

  •   Establish clear accountability and shared responsibility

  •   Focus on delivering business value

  •   Stay agile, expect change

  •   Invest in quality

  •   Learn from all experiences

Optmize your business through our Smart Technology

Competitive Advantages

  •   Web based solutions
  •   CodeZone Experience ( +150 Customers )
  •   Easy Customization Process
  •   Excellent Communications Capabilities with our customers
  •   Smart Customer Support Methodologies
  •   Business Intelligence Tools
  •   Multi Currency
  •   Support different Languages
  •   Dynamic Work Flow
  •   Mobile Applications Capabilities
  •   Smart Features ( SMS – Chatting – Alerts & Notifications)
  •   Hardware integrations Capabilities


The purpose of CodeZone is to help organizations in all industries in the Middle East on managing the 3 keys of success “people, process and technology” by delivering a solution of the highest quality. Therefore achieving their strategic and tactical business goals


To be one of the most trusted and well- known company in the software development industry in the Middle East within 10 years.