This system aims to enhance the level of customer service and maintain their satisfaction, while increasing growth rates in sales. The benefit lies in storing all customer information and documents in a single database, allowing enterprise officials easy access and efficient management.

Achieving marketing goals through our outstanding solutions.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can effectively manage and plan diverse marketing campaigns, including advertising on social media, organizing events, coordinating visits from marketing and sales representatives, and other marketing activities. Users can set up a budget for each marketing campaign, track it effectively, and monitor and analyze direct returns. The effective linkage between customer requests and advertisements on social media allows for accurate revenue tracking for each campaign, linking each marketing campaign to an independent cost center, providing insights into revenue, costs, and consequently, profitability.

The system also provides the ability to send automated text messages from the marketing and sales team to current or potential customers, benefiting from offers and marketing activities. These messages can be configured based on customer geographies, customer categories, or any other classification according to business needs.

Achieving Efficiency in Marketing Campaign Management

Our system enables you to plan and manage marketing campaigns efficiently. This includes advertising on social media, organizing events and visits, and preparing an accurate budget for each marketing campaign. Customer requests can be linked to advertisements on social media, and each campaign can be linked to an independent cost center, allowing you to easily track its revenues, costs, and profitability.

Achieving Excellence Through Geographic Analysis of Your Customers

The system provides an advanced geographic analysis experience for your customer locations. You can set up a geographic plan that includes provinces, neighborhoods, sectors, regions, and streets, with the ability to pinpoint each customer's location based on their geographic coordinates. Creating multiple plans for customers and identifying their needs is easy. The system collects your data and provides diverse reports, including the precise location of the customer down to the level of a specific building or floor in a particular area.

Effective Planning for Customer Visits and Communications

The system provides advanced planning tools for the marketing and sales team's visits, including visit schedules, goal and task setting, and team responsibilities. You can review the monthly, weekly, and daily plans for visits, whether for current or prospective customers. The system also allows for recording visit results afterward, including actual achievements, customer evaluations, and future needs assessments.

Customer Feedback Analysis: Comprehensive Reports for Service Evaluation

The system provides the ability to conduct surveys to assess customer satisfaction with the services and products offered, with the generation of comprehensive reports and accurate statistics.

Recording and Analyzing Marketing Advertisement Events for the Organization

The system records the results of various advertisements, whether on social media or any other advertising channels. This allows for recording all related data, such as the number of posts, likes, and comments. By providing a link for each advertisement to an independent cost center, all associated expenses can be uploaded, and sales operations can be linked to the same center. Consequently, accurate analysis of the performance of each advertisement within the marketing campaign can be accessed.

Effective Management of SMS Messages through the System

You can automatically send SMS messages through the system to current or potential customers based on offers and marketing activities. This allows for targeted messaging based on customer geography, customer category, or any other classification according to your needs.

Effectively Managing Customer Interactions

Customer inquiries and complaints can be efficiently handled through phone calls, with the results recorded in the system to facilitate follow-up operations and analyze data for making informed decisions.

Advantages of CRM System

Better Customer relationships

Improved efficiency in serving Customers

Powerful campaigns

Follow leads and attract and obtain new customers

Track and analyze data for leads in one place

Planning Tools for Sales Visits

Greater staff satisfaction

Enhance sales productivity

Building Strong and Sustainable Relationships with Your Current and Potential Customers

The more you understand your customer, the clearer their perception of your interest in them becomes. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system provided by CodeZone allows access to an immense amount of data and information related to every detail of customer interaction. In addition to analyzing complaints and their insights, the enterprise team can leverage this system to enhance communications and build deeper relationships with customers, driving the evolution of business relationships and ensuring their successful continuation.

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