If you are manager of a company now you have to ask yourself, is the company ready for the digital transformation that New Egypt adopts?

Business Statement

Is your company ready to keep pace with the development and transformation of all its operations from paper to electronic operations? whether with regard to tax matters especially the e- invoice and electronic receipt system or integration processes with different payment methods and the shift from using traditional payment methods and paper money to more modern methods such as electronic transfers and electronic wallets and the methods of buying now and paying later and other payment methods supported by the country in digital transformation You must also be realized of the risks that may lead to legal issues if you ignore all this development and risks, especially not registering in the e-invoice system And not issuing your tax returns on the tax authority platform what may lead to a complete exit from the labor market due to increased competition in providing electronic operations and supporting the largest number of payment methods. -The most important tips to develop and support companies for digital transformation:- 1-The necessity of choosing a strong success partner that works to implement digital transformation procedures by depending on a company with experience in providing ERP solutions and systems. 2-Changing the organizational structure to keep pace with the change in operations. 3-Supporting a culture of change. 4-Work to ensure the continuity of digital transformation procedures in accordance with the technological changes that the company is going through.


The most important tips for (e-invoice system - electronic receipt):- 1-The necessary of self-registration in the electronic invoice system according to the timeline of the tax authority for the governorates, which ends with the end of the fifth sub-phase of the final stage on 15/9/2022. 2-The necessity of completing the procedures for getting an electronic signature 3-The necessity of starting using the portal in coding items and services. 4-It is necessary to start issuing all sales invoices from the date of registration in the portal. 5-In case you are a financier who issues more than 200 monthly invoices you must start the procedures for getting an ERP system. 6-Choosing the company that supplies the ERP system according to its previous work and its existence in the market.