Myelin | The Optimal Solution for Medical Institution Management

CodeZone Software Company offers an outstanding system for managing hospitals and medical institutions called "Myelin." This system provides full control, allowing easy and flexible web-based accessibility from anywhere at any time. Myelin delivers integrated and innovative solutions to meet the needs of the medical sector, streamlining management and organization processes with high efficiency, ensuring better and more effective healthcare provision. In this article, we will delve into the most robust medical solutions with the most powerful system for managing medical institutions: Myelin.


Suitable for medical centers with focus on the basic workflow of outpatient process and patient billing features, you will have all features related to patient invoices, claim management and you can also track and manage your financial expenses and purchases


now I want to use MYELIN and benefit from all its advantages, but I have a small medical center, not a large hospital. The system will certainly be large for the size of my work, and the cost will certainly be large In fact, there is no detail that came back to us, and as we said, our goal is to help you expand. We are sure that we have a system that matches the size of your organization, whatever it is. That is why we made MYELIN LITE suitable for medical centers and covers all the requirements you need at a moderate cost and very suitable for the size of the business

Medical centers are now moving, regardless of their size, to digital transformation and reliance on technology in order to raise the efficiency of the service provided to patients while keeping pace with the requirements of the times in terms of the high level of patients' aspirations over time. Clinic or final bill. How can modern systems help medical center managers in that?


Myelin Grow is considered the ideal solution for medical centers with a limited capacity of up to 25 beds, making it suitable for facilities that house small families. It offers essential features tailored to the medical needs of centers of this size, while maintaining reasonable costs and performance efficiency. Therefore, Myelin Grow represents an advanced stage for medical centers before reaching the level of small-sized hospitals.


This platform provides significant flexibility and precise adaptation tailored to the needs of medical facilities. It can be customized to offer necessary services without an excess of features.

Myelin Grow allows comprehensive and secure management of patient records, ensuring quick access to crucial medical information and effortless updates on patient conditions.

It offers an efficient system for scheduling appointments and tracking provided services, ensuring smooth daily operations within the medical center and optimizing medical efforts.

Through its integration with financial processes, Myelin Grow efficiently tracks financial costs and manages day-to-day financial operations, making it an ideal choice for medical centers focusing on cost-effective management.

In summary, Myelin Grow presents an integrated set of tools and features that cater to the needs of small medical facilities, enabling them to enhance services and patient care efficiently and effectively without incurring high costs.


This package is suitable for starter hospitals with focus on the basic workflow of front office and patient billing, you will have all features related to patient invoices, claim management and doctor fees with complete cycle for front office modules.


If I have a small hospital, it is not large, and at the same time, it is not a medical center. Do you think this is not what we have in mind?! Your start here MYELIN BASIC ! If you are a hospital with less than 45 beds, this package is for you MYELIN BASIC is professionally designed to serve your requirements We offer you a system that understands your needs well and is able to serve you in an organized and accurate manner and on the size of your business.

It is known that the main focus of those in charge of managing small hospitals with up to 45 beds is on the basic work cycle to register the patient and provide various services to him/her. This is followed by extracting a correct invoice for each patient as a first step, then extracting the fees of the medical staff and sending the various claims to the companies contracting with the hospital. All of the above is the work cycle that revolves around the patient's bill and dealing with the various entities that interact with this bill (patient - doctor – cooperate). Therefore, CodeZone has provided a set of systems called MYELIN BASIC to address previous work cycles within a moderate budget for the hospital As a small or Startup hospital, you can rely on this set of systems as a start to manage the basic workflow and then look to upgrade to MYELIN PRO after that to benefit from human resources process – accounting process, ending with the extraction of financial statements Therefore, MYELIN BASIC will be a panacea for this size of hospitals. You will have a correct and instant patient bill - an accurate and fast claim, in addition to calculating the doctor's fees with ease.


Through this package you will have the ability to Track, manage and optimize all administrative and financial processes to serve the patient’s accurate and flexible billing and claims, with a focus on the basic workflow of human resources - purchases and stores – finance, ending with the extraction of financial statements.


MYELIN PRO is specially designed for hospitals with up to 60 beds and it will be an ideal choice because it is known that the priorities of hospitals of this size are inventory control, patient accounts and contracts, and this is the most important feature of this package in addition to a basic and tight work cycle from the patient's admission to the extraction of financial statements.

There is no doubt that medium-sized hospitals, and here we mean hospitals with a limit of 60 beds, will be among the most important priorities of managing a correct and integrated workflow for the hospital, starting from register a new patient, passing through providing the hospital services through the various departments, ending with the extraction of patient bills - medical staff fees - claims of corporates. But the matter will not stop at this point, as senior management and decision makers in such hospitals seek to ensure the highest level of control over inventory and control the purchasing workflow for medicines and consumables, in addition to controlling the workflow of accounting and fixed assets, extracting business results, including financial statements in a manner It is correct and based on the workflow, it has become essential in addition to managing the various human resources within the hospital, which are no less than 250 workers and employees in addition to the medical staff So, MYELIN PRO has become the ideal solution as it will cover all of the above within a suitable cost and budget


Through this package you will have the ability to Track, manage and optimize all administrative and financial processes to serve the patient’s accurate and flexible billing and claims, with a focus on the basic workflow of human resources - purchases and stores – finance, ending with the extraction of financial statements.


CodeZone promises you that the more size of your business increases, we will be with you and help you grow, we will be with you and help you grow more. If the size of the hospital is large, then MYELIN CORE will achieve all your goals in this stage because you will move from the basic work stage to a more mature stage through which you will be on the first ladder of work in large hospital systems


Through this package you will have all features in the core package adding to that some smart and advanced tools such as advanced modules for human resources (job analysis – HR Planning - performance management ….). advanced modules for supply chain and finance (Requirement Management – On shelf control ….) Patient relation management and advanced modules for laboratory and radiology


When the size of the hospital grows to a certain extent at this time, you will need advanced tools that will help you in managing the human resources department, especially to increase the number of employees in the hospital. The patient relations system will be extremely important to maintain the level of an excellent patient experience, and this will help you provide a specific service with a certain quality that you can maintain and it evolved from it, and thus the name of the hospital will grow more and more


you will have all features on standard package with more focus on patient care and high quality of clinical process. your medial team will create, manage patient records, a complete medical records EMR. vital signs, allergies, diagnosis, family health history, health concerns, medications, past medical history, and social history. This package also includes smart dashboards and analytics tools to facilitate your decision-making process.


Now we are talking about the largest and largest hospital management system, which is MYELIN ENTERPRISE, and through it, you will have every possible feature that you need and imagine to manage giant hospitals. The most important of them is the complete health record of patients, and this maintains a strong relationship between the patient and the hospital, because every development of his health condition is recorded inside the hospital from the first moment of admission, and this saves effort and time and at the same time an excellent patient experience Attention here to quality at the level of the workflow and services provided to patients. We can connect you to the clouds and increase your competitiveness