What do you know about the Supply Chain?

If you are a new member of any of the procurement departments - stores - sales or even the manufacturing departments of industrial companies, the management of materials and supply chains is one of the important topics that directly relate to the nature of your job and if you work in the finance department and want to learn more about material and supply chains, this article can be useful to you.

Business Statement

definitions about supply chain are many, but they revolve around managing the flow of goods and data related to products or services, from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of the product to its final destination. Logistics services are one of the components of supply chains, as well as procurement and the life cycle of manufacturing products, all of which fall under the definition of supply chains that do not work in isolation from financial management


According to Wikipedia, Supply Chain Management is the processes of organizational and strategic coordination of normal business functions and planning these functions within the organization and through a business group within the supply chain in order to improve the long-term performance of companies individually and the supply chain as a whole. Supply chain management is also the art and science of managing the flow of goods and services, as it includes managing the movement (transportation) and storage of raw materials, semi-finished goods, finished goods (finished products) and inventory from the starting point (the point of origin) to the point of consumption (i.e. the arrival of the product or service to The final consumer). Supply chain management is also the management of the relationship between the supplier's supplier and the customer's customer and the participants in that chain (e.g. distributor / wholesaler, retailer). The Supply Chain systems group in CodeZone specializes in managing the supply chain work cycle, as it starts from the beginning of the requests of different sections and departments, through the purchase and supply orders, adding the goods to the warehouses and then disbursing them to the different customers, and this may include the manufacturing processes of different raw materials up to the complete production until it reaches the final consumer of the organization. This group is divided into the following systems: - Procurement system Warehouses system Manufacturing system Sales system POS system These systems are considered very important and closely related to the public accounts system