Gain full control with the best system for managing hospitals and medical institutions, Myelin system provided by CodeZone Software Company. You can use it directly on a web-based platform from anywhere, at any time.

Why Choose Myelin hospital information software?

We believe that successful systems represent the optimal investment when they achieve seamless integration across all departments of your institution. Thus, we aimed to provide a comprehensive and integrated solution to manage all stages of your institution's operations, from setting objectives to designing and executing various processes, and ultimately, implementing decision support systems.

This led the team at CodeZone to develop a comprehensive system that ensures the smart transformation of your healthcare institution. The following systems have been integrated into one solution to streamline your operations and achieve outstanding results:

  • ·         Basic Hospital Management System
  • ·         Clinical Data and Diagnosis Management System
  • ·         Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System
  • ·         Short Message Service (SMS) System
  • ·         Business Intelligence Decision Support Systems

Myelin system is tailored to meet the specific needs and specialties of your medical institution. The mentioned systems and tools are ready-made and developed according to high standards of Agile methodology and quality procedures in the development department, under the supervision of the Software Engineering Center.

The Seamless Integration of Hospital Departments.

Myelin Hospital Management System achieves complete integration between all hospital departments, whether medical or administrative. In addition, it ensures real-time continuous updates for all data and reports on the system, making it the optimal solution for decision-makers in your healthcare institution. Furthermore, the system fosters connectivity and integration among all hospital staff, resulting in high productivity with minimal room for error.

Enhance Your Institution's Performance and Attain Greater Competitiveness

The hospital management system offered by CodeZone is backed by successful experiences and practices that have been tested in numerous hospitals where this system has been implemented. Consequently, this system provides a unique opportunity for your institution to achieve a greater competitive edge in the healthcare market.

Implement Your Policies and Standards with Ease

The system allows for the seamless application of required standards and policies across all branches, departments, and sections. Consequently, your institution can present a consistent and unified image to the external world. Instead of dealing with disparate documents when interacting with different entities, the institution can provide a consistent and unified view and results, both for internal staff and external stakeholders.

A Hospital Information System That Makes a Difference

The system can handle a massive influx of data from all departments and divisions simultaneously, while achieving seamless integration between all internal and external aspects of the institution with great efficiency.

Dynamic System for Your Institution

Our system enhances your institution's dynamism and coherence. It aligns crucial elements - team, workflow, structure, rewards, and strategy. Administrators can fine-tune these components, creating an efficient institution that actualizes its strategy. This system also integrates skills and resources, adapting to external changes for a responsive institution.

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Advantages of Myelin HIS

Improve Patient Care

Improve Care Coordination

Improve diagnostic and Patient outcomes

Efficient Patient Process

Care and Treatment Planning

Patient Assessment

Scheduling and Appointment

Medication Management

Advanced features for better healthcare management

equipped with the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) endorsed by the World Health Organization. It is also designed for seamless integration with all medical laboratory equipment through the HL7 protocol. Furthermore, the system allows integration with intensive care units and the ability to connect with radiology devices to create a comprehensive PACS archive.

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