Myelin| Hospital Information System

Integrated and web based hospital information management system with modern design and easy to use .compliant with international medical terminology (ICD10,SNOWMED,CPT,LOINC ...) .connected with laboratory devices using HL7

How can MYELIN create business value to your organization?

We believe that successful systems represent a good investment when it creates business value to your organization and this was our start .your organization should have a complete solutions to manage all your business processes starting form Organization Design through different operational processes and finally your decision support system . So CodeZone Team decided to develop a complete system including all smart features to make your hospital smart , the following systems are integrated in one solution to facilitate your work and give you a great result :-
• Hospital Management System
• Clinical Information System
• SMS Tool
• Business Intelligence
The above systems and tools are ready and developed by high standard of development methodology especially after Appling Agile Methodology and Quality procedures in Development Department and after Consulting SECC “Software Engineering Competence Center

Integrate Hospital Activities

MYELIN connects all Hospital functions, processes, activities and tasks in an integrated fashion therefore all data will be updated automatically between related process and functions. This information integration leads to better decision-making and resolution of problems. Another advantage of this integration is that the people who are involved are also connected to each other. This integration has great potential for improving productivity

Forces the use of 'Best Practices

MYELIN brings with it time-tested and successful hospital practices that will help your organization to become more competitive

Facilitate the Information flow

MYELIN can facilitate the flow of information between all business Features inside the boundaries of the organization and manage the connections to outside stakeholders. The credit for this is due to MYELIN integration

Enable Hospital standardization

MYELIN allows organizational standardization across different branches, departments, units and even workgroups. As a result your organization can show a single image to the outside world. Rather than receiving different documents when dealing with different entities on it.

Business Alignment

The organization is at its most effective when its main component (People, Process, Structure, Reward and Strategy) are in alignment .MYELIN makes it done by allowing you to configure these five main components to create an effective organization capable of achieving the business strategy. Also allowing you to combine and recombine skills, competencies and resources across the organization to respond to changes in the external environment so your organization will be dynamic like its business

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Improve Patient Care

Improve Care Coordination

Improve diagnostic and Patient outcomes

Efficient Patient Process

Care and Treatment Planning

Patient Assessment

Scheduling and Appointment

Medication Management

Clinical System Standard and Devices Integration

MYELIN can deal with international standard coding systems for various diagnostics, services and procedures such as ICD10 / ICD11.addition our system is in line with the HL7 and Connecting with radiology devices to make a complete archive of radiation (PACS)
through the HL7 protocol

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