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E-Invoice System

The electronic invoice system complies with the standards outlined by the Egyptian Tax Authority, provided by CodeZone. Now, easily register and review your invoices before sending them.

Why CodeZone's E-Invoice System?

CodeZone is a pioneer in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, boasting extensive expertise across various domains. With the onset of digital transformation in the country, CodeZone swiftly emerged as one of the leading companies, promptly meeting the needs of its clients. It successfully integrated with the Egyptian Tax Authority, fulfilling its social role and contributing to the digital initiative pursued by the government.

  • The possibility of contracting and working on the system on the same day.
  • Conforms to the criteria indicated by the IRS.
  • Registering customer data according to the electronic tax system.
  • Registering customer data according to the electronic tax system.
  • Import all data into an Excel file.
  • The ability to specify one or more invoices to be sent to the tax site.
  • Review the invoices before sending them according to the standards of the IRS.
  • Verify that the E-Invoice has been approved by the IRS.
  • It follows the coding system used within the system, both GS1 and EGS.
  • Complete processing of E-Invoices.
  • Complete processing of E-Invoices.
  • All items are registered with the IRS codes without the need to change the barcode used.
  • Technical support and training on the E-Invoice linking program.

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